Your products and services might be exceptional, but unless you have a strong household brand name, chances are they will not sell themselves. You’ll need a sales strategy with clear goals and metrics plus a strong sales team that can follow through on your plan.

Hiring, training, and motivating the right sales teams takes time and effort. That’s because sales is a refined skill that most people don’t possess. As more companies shift to remote sales, keeping your sales teams motivated, engaged, and productive can be challenging.

CONNECT for a sales strategy and sales team evaluation.


  • Live & Remote Sales Training: In-depth training on enhancing sales skills and results for inbound and outbound call center sales teams. Learn how to overcome objections, retain clients, and improve conversion rates.
  • Sales Leadership Training: One on one intensive training for sales managers and team leaders sharing tried and tested leadership techniques.
  • Speaking Engagements: Dynamic and lively mini-training events catered to your audience and time constraints.
  • Call Center Setup: Turnkey solution to starting your international call center. Assisting with company registration, call center setup and operations, back-office solutions including CRM, accounting, and payment processing.
  • Recruiting & Training: Unique and stringent recruitment process and training of key staff members, including superior sales managers and sales executives.
  • B2B & B2C Sales Strategy and Management:  Establish new or refine existing strategies, commission structure, and playbooks for Financial Services, E-Commerce, and Information Technology markets.
  • Marketing Management: Recruiting and managing marketing teams to enhance quality and quantity of leads. Overseeing marketing automation, web and content development, and other business development tools to attract the right clients.


Dynamic sales consultant and sales trainer with over 20 years of global call center experience in B2B and B2C markets.

Over the past 15 years, I have helped startups and growing organizations in the Financial, Information Technology, Retail, and Professional Services industries open new markets and increase sales. My proven sales growth track record and sales leadership in highly competitive markets speak for themselves.

I have been part of several startups in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, and Bulgaria, assisting with call center setup, business operations, team recruitment, and training.

Now I work with global organizations helping them establish, train, and manage on-site and remote sales teams in new markets, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and the Philippines.

I have also conducted sales training at call centers in London, Amsterdam, Moscow, Panama, Montreal, Beirut, and Sofia. In addition, I am a public speaker and trainer specializing in sales training, live seminars and conferences, and private industry events.


I love everything about business, especially watching a successful startup take shape and come to life. To me, it is all about logic, and that is why back in school, I was nicknamed “Spock.”

Don’t get me wrong. I was never the academic type… far from it… I was always the guy that looked outside the window and thought of ways to make money rather than ways to pass the mid-terms or end-of-term exams.

When I was 13, I started my own business (a kiosk) right out of my bedroom. My first clients were my family members. I learned early in life to identify supply and demand challenges and provide solutions by selling products and services.


No matter what the circumstances are, there is always plenty of money to be made. We have to put our thinking caps on, look for win/win situations, and provide massive value in the marketplace.

Whether you are looking to start a call center, improve your sales operations, or need the occasional help training your sales team, let’s work together to make it a success.


I am available for customized training and speaking engagements world-wide and typically rated among the best at conferences and training sessions I attend.

To book a customized training session or speaking engagement, please contact me at:




HIP POP DRINK An opportunity arose for our business where the fastest way to get customers was through outbound phone sales. I was completely stuck though. I had some interviews lined up for remote sales reps but didn’t know where to go from there. I already have enough to do in my business without setting up a complex phone sales campaign! I felt completely overwhelmed because we didn’t have a script, training material or even the dialler system.

Derek helped us quickly get the strategy in place, helped with some final interviews & training and even helped us find the right tech to make it all work. We couldn’t have got it off the ground without Derek and now we have fully trained remote sales reps on our fantastic CRM/Dialler with a clear strategy ready to go. We’ve gone from confused and bewildered to feeling confident and clear.

Derek knows his way around sales better than anyone I’ve worked with previously. He’s also very diligent and goes above and beyond. Highly recommended!

Kenny Goodman


Envirosax Derek Kater is one of the most professional individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His attention to detail, dedication to remote training and coaching the sales reps, and commitment to the client are above anything I have experienced firsthand. Our trainees came out of his mentorship with a level of capability and mastery that far exceeded our expectations. Thank you, Derek; we really appreciate your work and what you have done for our sales team.

Belinda Coker 
Founder & CEO


Twelve Squared Capital On behalf of Twelve Squared Capital, I would like to thank you for the efforts that you have put in the setup phase of the company. Your commitment and passion has helped the company to start on the right path and with solid foundations. The team has learned a lot from you, including myself, and we all value your high ethics.

Wissam Sabbah 
President & CEO
Twelve Squared Capital


ewool We love working with Derek. He is very focused and always gives honest and useful feedback. The solutions he suggested and implemented for our startup were always helpful and got us on the right track. With his experience he assisted in setting up our sales structure, recruitment plan, commission structure, website and social media presence within the agreed time.  We are looking forward to working with Derek again in the very near future.

Alain Desmeules,


SNAPIGUARD.COMDerek has been instrumental in identifying key deficiencies in our sales process and marketing efforts. His many years of professional sales insight and experience coupled with critical trained eyes immediately pinpointed our weaknesses and shortfalls and proposed the right recommendations and remedies. Starting from our website, to our sales recruitment process and methods and to our marketing strategies, Derek has made significant impact which translated in improved corporate image, better market understanding and penetration, including identifying new markets and prospects and ingenious ways to reach out to them and secure them. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Derek and look forward to engaging his professional services again.

Marwan Aboukhater
Co-Founder & CTO


easyMarketsI had the opportunity to work closely with Derek for several months after he was brought in to turn our Call Center around. The policies and procedures he put in place made an instant impact in both the departments profitability and also the overall morale of the Team; both of which were lacking. Our Call Center was able to reach targets that were never before achieved and now we have set even higher benchmarks for the future. Still to this day he commands a high level of respect from our entire organization as he implemented a level of knowledge and professionalism that was previously lacking.

Nicolas Shamtanis
Chief Client Relationships Officer


BDSwiss Trading PlatformWe wanted to thank you, in writing, for the sales training, coaching and monitoring you provided earlier this month at the Four Season’s Hotel. This entire sales training exercise was above and beyond what we and our sales professionals anticipated and the results have been amazing. The fact that the training was followed up by your coaching and by the direct monitoring of our sales team made a huge difference and added enormously to the success of the training. This helped our sales professionals take what was covered in the theory part of the training and put it into real practice during the coaching and monitoring sessions.

Thomas Jakobsen
Sales Manager


I am available for customized training and speaking engagements world-wide and typically rated among the best at conferences and training sessions I attend.

To book a customized training session or speaking engagement, please contact me at:



“How to Increase Your Results by Maximizing the Performance of Your Phone Sales and Customer Support Teams.”

Would you like your phone sales and customer support teams to perform better this year?

Yes, is probably your answer, or you won’t be in business.

Training and motivating your phone sales and customer support teams takes time and effort. That’s because most people who get into phone sales and support, chose that profession out of need and not out of passion.

Some of the top salespeople and support staff see themselves as a solution provider. They feel a sense of pride by matching the right people with the right solutions. They love to hear success stories of how their skills are having an impact on the client and company’s bottom line. The more people they help, the more their income will increase.

So how do you get your teams to reach that level of expertise?

That’s the core objective of our upcoming Call Center Performance Workshop.

Motivate your team with an interactive, fun and informative workshop to:

  • Boost their confidence and learn to love what they do
  • Increase in sales knowledge and customer support techniques
  • Focus on becoming a better solution provider
  • Manage time more efficiently
  • Demonstrate professionalism and work ethics
  • Become and stay self-motivated
  • Deliver results by finding WIN/WIN solutions

If you or your team want to deliver better results and substantially increase overall performance this year, then register for the Call Center Performance Workshop.

CONNECT for more information on pricing and group rates or to plan your own private and custom workshop.


Customized training sessions and speaking engagements available upon request.

CONTACT ME to book your next event.


Vancouver, British Columbia
February 5 & 6, 2022

Toronto, Ontario 
February 26 & 27, 2022

London, UK
March 12 & 13, 2022



I can honestly say that by the end of the lessons with Derek I was a lot more confident and comfortable compared to how I was before! Great sales tips, very enthusiastic, honest and funny. I loved the classes with him!




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